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Live Orgasmic Life. Why Not!

What if there was a place where
you could express judgement free?

A place to simply explore.

EXPRESS Your Desire
Move, breathe, sigh, laugh, crawl, jump, whatever you want.

No levels, no competition...

EXPLORE  Your Portiential

Move, breathe, sigh, laugh, crawl, jump, whatever you want.

No levels, no competition...


Today, we’re more disconnected than we’ve ever been. Stressed, over-worked and overwhelmed with information. We spend more time screen gazing at work and home than we do noticing the world around us.


We’re told how to dress, speak and move, which disconnects us from our bodies, making us feel frustrated, stressed and alone.


When do we give ourselves the personal time to express what we truly feel?


Give yourself permission to unleash the authentic you with JUMMEE Method™. Created to help reconnect our true self and bring back life through play.


What is JUMMEE Method

The Jummee Method™ is at the core of what we do.
Puns intended.

The characters for Jummee Method are core and bliss which is at the heart of why we play. Focusing on expanding, liberating and activating our pelvis through a synched combination of breath, sound and movement.

This Vitality Triangle™ is our not-so-secret ingredient to connect the heart and pelvis, bringing out our true vitality and feel how we're meant to feel...amazing!

Vitality Triangle™: PAIN FREE 1Minute/Day

Vitality Triangle™: PAIN FREE 1Minute/Day



the Simplest way to
increase oxygen levels
in the body and
clear your mind

the most effective way to create vibrations that allow the body to naturally release tension



the easiest way to drop into
your body and move from the headspace to the heartspace

JUMMEE Method™ at CFD

Watch how we can play so simple yet create huge smile on face.
We definitely brought our inner child share our silliness.

Jummee Method @CFD (Conscious Family Dinner).
Meet your body and share your Bliss!


Ready to PLAY?

JUMMEE Lunar Flow + Breathwork

Maesto Studio I 1547 6th St. #100

Imagine you are able to drop into a meditative state so easily by simple movement, sound and Breath all together in one motion? JUMMEE Lunar Flow creates a practical tool to experience sustainable CORE+BLISS by expressing pain through exploring playfulness.

JUMMEE Vitality Flow + Shamanic Sound Bath
Masonic Building I 9635 Venice Blvd.

Jump into the magical world of your inner child’s mind. Watch as the studio becomes a living canvas. As our bodies are the paint brush, lets create strokes of color, splashes of texture and expressions of emotion through movement, breath, and sound.

Body Concious Workshop

Every First Saturday @10am-5pm

How to create and sustain orgasmic life.

What is your relationship with your pelvis?

Did you know that the pelvis is the repository of all emotions and stress? Come and explore to amplify your vital, life force energy in the quickest way with us.

How well do you know your pelvis? Did you know that it's the repository of all your emotions and stress?  Combining breath, movement, and sound, create a bridge between your heart and sexual centers, and leave feeling refreshed, alive, present, and integrated.

This ancient Korean Buddhist 108 bowing practice is a powerful tool of a unification of our mind and body.  If you’re looking for a practice to strengthen your focus, your commitment, your discipline, your devotion to yourself, this morning ritual can be perfect for you.

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