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What is Jummee Method


Amplify vitality by reconnecting your mind and body to the present moment. JUMMEE Method is a seamless blend of breath work, movement and sound to revitalize your playful side to embrace life now.

Vitality Triangle™

Most simple way to
increase oxygen
in the body and
clear your mind

Most effective way to create vibrations that allow the body to release tension

Easiest way to move from the headspace to the heart space

JUMMEE Method focuses on the core by liberating, expanding, and activating our pelvis through a synchronous combination of breath, sound and movement.


The Vitality Triangle is our vessel to connect us to our core, which produces raw energy to feel our best.

East Meets West

JUMMEE Method is an unique interweaving of ancient wisdom from the East and cutting edge techniques from the West. This full spectrum approach offers a diverse abundance of wellness and tools for you to play with everyday.

Together with soothing yin with powerful yang, we intertwine elements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, 5Rhythms and Gestalt Awareness. Join us on the path to self realization and spiritual connection to our immediate and distance surroundings.

Feel the Flow

Work less, play hard! Let go to become your most vibrant self.


Rest. Relax. Restore.

End the day with relaxation with low-intensity mindful movement, gentle breath, soothing sound bath, and meditation softly into bed.


Awaken Vitality

Start your days revitalized with a crescendo of high-intensity breath, movement to relaxing descents into stillness and meditation.


Inhale. Pause. Exhale.

Pause and take a deep dive into your inner landscape. Sink into deep meditation with gentle movements, guided meditation and dreamy sound bath.


Empower and Energize

Take your power to the next level with high-intensity breath work coupled w/ deep emotional vocalization tools releasing stagnant energy while boosting vitality.

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