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Jummee Park

Founder, Healer and Vitality Coach

Throughout her childhood in Korea, career in design and self discovery, Jummee has never stopped searching and creating. Along the way, her commitment to healing others and a desire to share it with the world is more clear. This desire blossomed into personal and professional studies on multiple levels combining an intense and diverse education with an emphasis to serve love.

Jummee seeks to bring people together from all walks of life and help them to discover their passion, value and mission. Everyone's purpose is to utilize their own unique gift.

Experienced movement work includes 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation, Korean Energy Yoga, Iyengar Yoga. Combined with her understanding of the body through Esalen massage and Anatomy studies, she utilizes Color and Aroma Therapies, Wellness Healing and Nutrition. Involving group dynamic work and our natural world relationship through Healing and Dream Work, sustainable farming and Gestalt Awareness provides unique perspective benefits of a multi-dimensional experience of healing on all levels.

Combining these skills and modalities, she has learned to seek wellness, performance and consciousness through immersive experiences designed to achieve an ultimate realized potential. "Why not, life is now!" J.P.

Jen Oliver

Marketing Director Jummee Masters
Coach and Founder of FitMama Global™

Through her Love FitMama movement at she educates, inspires and transforms busy moms into loving FitMamas by embracing, nurturing and enjoying their motherhood journey and what she is most passionate about is leading others to lead by loving their bodies and loving their lives. Jen is a published author, speaker and coach. She shares two girls with her husband Chris. She was drawn toward the Jummee Method™ because of its alignment with core principles she teaches at FitMama. Self love, courage, body awareness, core re-connection and a realignment with the essence of who we are, pure love and light. The world needs the Jummee Method™ now more than ever. Jummee’s passion for play and elevating others coupled with the love fueled by her movement has created an inspiring global mission for more love and connection on our planet and is elevating self respect, self worth and self love on the planet each and every day. “I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this mission.” J.O.

Justin Blakely

Director of Operation and Community Building

Son to a real estate broker and nurse, Justin has a balance of logic and compassion. Shifting from investments to community building, he shares a vision that could change our world in one generation. By creating open, loving, compassionate, and inspiring leaders in our children, our indifferences will cease to be a reason for war. We are all here on this planet for one reason, to coexist and support one another.

Justin has shifted himself in order to extend into a global community with purpose. Tribe building, culture and connection are a few of his favorite things. Collaborating, sharing common interest, and discussing solutions to everyday concerns is just as important to him as a great meal with friends.

"Jummee created a method anyone can use to break free from their mind and get back into their body. A place where we feel safe and achieve a childlike state of being. The YouMeUs foundation was created so children have an opportunity to express, choose, and BE whatever they feel. I am grateful to live a life that creates awareness around self love and expression." J.B.

Blair Rhianna

Marketing Director and Content Strategist of Jummee Method Teacher Training in Australia
Women’s Embodiment Expert and the Founder of Rising Wild™

As a coach, mentor, speaker and educator, Blair helps conscious, heart-centred women come out from behind the mask and embrace and express their true selves in life, love and leadership. Her  deepest passion is guiding women back home to
themselves in mind, body and spirit by reclaiming their sacred feminine energy so they can love from the heart, lead from the womb and live from their truth in all areas of their lives.

 With nearly a decade of experience as a women's empowerment coach, holistic kinesiologist, intuitive and energy healer, as well as her deep passion for womb medicine and embodiment ritual, Blair is an expert at getting women out of their heads and into their hearts. It was the beautiful synergies the Jummee Method
provided with her own work and deep passion for empowering women that called Blair to become part of the Jummee Method movement. The Jummee Method provides a powerful and accessible tool for every woman to reclaim residency of her body and declare her sacred sovereignty. I’m truly grateful to be part of bringing this new level of healing to the world.” B.R


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