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Shift with Jummee

Take a deep dive into your full potential with my private immersion and one-on-one coaching programs

Shift with Jummee


JUMMEE Method Deep Immersion Testimonials

JUMMEE Method Deep Immersion Testimonials

Dive into your FULL potential


One on one with Jummee

 Be the BEST version of yourself

Do you have any toxic habits you'd like to change immediately? Cigarettes, sugar or interpersonal relationship? Breaking up is hard, so why weather the storm alone? During 1 on 1 sessions, I will provide guidance and support every step of the way. Break free from your old patterns and level up to the new you through an innovative coaching program designed specifically for you.


Our goal is simple, develop the hidden treasures within you. Focused on practices from a variety of modalities, we apply techniques in a somatic, nurturing way. In the end, you will leave with a toolbox to become your own healer. My coaching sessions combine diverse, innovative methods to help you feel and embody your best version.


Awake, Act and Accelerate your vitality with Jummee today.

  • Gestalt Awareness check in

  • Essential oil & breathwork

  • Pelvic-Heart integration

  • Vitality Triangle movements

  • Shamanic sound healing

  • Chakra clearing and alignment

  • Daily online vitality toolkit access


  • Learn communication tools to express desire clearly and directly 
  • Learn Vitality Triangle tools for sustaining daily practice

  • Identify the origin and release emotional blockages

  • Discover the best version of yourself 

  • Achieve ultimate performance

1 SESSION:  $300 ($150/HR)
5 SESSIONS: $1,300 (SAVE $200)


Deep Immersion

Want to go deeper? Identify the origin of your blocks with this one day immersion. Unlock the life you desire through a somatic process of experiencing the origin of your obstacles through an embodiment of mind-body-spirit integration.

Combining breath, movement and sound, we create a bridge between our heart and root chakra leaving us feeling present and refreshed. Woven together, these three components amplify your vital life force.

Breath allows oxygen levels to increase, helping us to clear our mind.

Movement allows us to "drop in", going from head to heart space.

Sound is our most effective tool for naturally releasing tension.

Each session is tailored to your needs. This provides an exploration of our true divine nature. Discover your best self privately with Jummee.


One on One Coaching

Your future self is waiting.

It's time to go beyond!

Currently performing at a level less than your best or feel like your wheels are spinning? This program is designed to help you unleash the floodgates to your vitality. Drop in, calibrate your alignment and become a master of manifestation. Each day we make decisions that ultimately affect no only ourselves but others around us. The key to good decisions is having a clear mind without distraction. 

Get hands on focus, attention and direct coaching. three month long journey will help you unleash the floodgates of your vitality, get in the flow and become a master of manifestation, Jummee will guide you to build the bridge from where you are to  where you want to be.




Self Aware

Self Accept

Self Approve