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"A mind that is stretched by

a new experience can never go back

to its old dimensions."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
JUMMEE  Testimonials

JUMMEE Testimonials


“This class and workshop is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Part ceremony, part ecstasy, party community, part play, part dance, part singing, part noise, part movement – it’s everything.”
– Vanessa Coletto

“I feel clear, vibrant, and true to myself. I want to bring more people to open themselves up to receive more of their own power and grace. Receiving the kindness and the love of all the participants allowed us to be as one, without any limiting “self” talk. Releasing pent up emotions in the body and chakras helped me fully express myself.”
Thom Pulliam

"The most benefit through the JUMMEE Method class was letting out my inner child to run, crawl, play and have fun! As soon as I walked in the room, Jummee introduced herself and gave me the warmest loving hug. From that interaction, I knew I was in safe place where I can let go and be myself. JUMMEE Method brought out the inner child who wants to play and have fun. I left the class with sensation of vitality running through my nerves and with more energy than I thought!"
Eric Aboutboul

“I’m much more relaxed and aware of my body. I feel cleansed. What an awesome experience!”
– Eric Tong

“We spent the evening going through a variety of exercises – breathing, moving, sitting, laying down, making weird faces, stretching, focusing – all following Jummee’s wise and quirky guidance. It was fun, it was tough, it was funny and it was profound. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was truly bonding with myself and others around me. … The evening ended with a relaxing sound bath and we all went outside to drink cacao and chat by the bonfire.

The next day I already noticed a change in my attitude towards myself and the world around me. Jummee’s method really challenges you to go inside and explore the relationship between your physical and emotional bodies. I took the exercises and new perspective from that night and carried it with me in the next days and weeks. It was amazing what this practice did for me in such little time, and I’ve gone back three more times since. Each time peeling one more layer of discomfort and learning to be more loving, relaxed open and authentic. I’d recommend Jummee’s practice to anyone who wants to get to know themselves on a deeper level, challenge themselves to open up and be expressive and have lots of fun with the process itself! I am so grateful to have become a part of this community.”
– Ofer Zmora

“Jummee and her team provide beautiful space and a guided meditation, which is incredibly heart opening and encourages profound reflection.

When I first started working with Jummee, I had just moved across the country and was experiencing waves of doubt and self-criticism, building walls of protection that only hindered my growth and separated me from the people I was meeting. After undergoing so much change, I was quick to try to control things in my life, rather than going with the flow and accepting things as they are. I felt boxed in and I needed to let go of whatever was holding me back from feeling free.

The Jummee Method has been truly powerful. It combines variations of meditation, sound healing and breath work in a candle-lit space with hints of relaxing aromatherapy. Every week I feel more relaxed, in tune with myself, confident with myself, happy, and most importantly OPEN. Open to give and receive love; open to change: open to accept what comes my way.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am for JUMMEE Method. For the heart opening and all the silliness. Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is holding onto something, anything, a little too tight.”
– Sarah Balter

“…a transcending experience…great community…amazing…”
– Jenna DeNight

“Before I felt tense and guarded, after I felt relaxed. I think this is an experience one must be open to…you need an intention.”
– Anthony Biz

“…the sound bath, the combination of the breathing exercises, sounds, and positioning transitioned perfectly to transport me. Before I was in pain physically and blocked mentally, after I felt easy, centered, cleared, and balanced. This is the perfect method to get in tune with your ENTIRE body!”
– Katherine Gonzalez

"I felt connected with my mind and body - I felt things in my own body that I hadn't tapped into before. The whole mind-body-soul combination experience, group support, you could feel an unspoken bond even prior to the session beginning. I feel like this community can help me grow in my spirituality and help propel me on my journey. I had much higher energy after the class and felt a better connection of mind, body, and soul."

- Taylor Bush

"Before I felt good, after I felt GREAT! The sound healing and crystal bowls were the highlight of my experience. I would recommend this to others."

- Aryan Zainaleain

"Just being able to let go and find my voice in a non-judgmental, welcoming space was the highlight of my experience. Getting more comfortable with my voice and getting more expressive was the most beneficial part of the workshop. Before, I felt a bit scattered, anxious, and in pain, but also was feeling very curious and happy. After, I felt very grounded, more at ease with myself and my situation."

- Lauren Sanders

"I came in feeling compressed from my day but during the class I was able to not only shift my vibration but let go of so many sticky things that come up during the day. I feel expansive, lighter, and free! I am so happy and grateful to have come and I can't wait for the next gathering. Thank you so much."

- Ana Munoz

"I felt comfortable and safe to reach deep and expel negativity and old, bad energy. Hearing my own voice was the most beneficial part of the workshop for me since I'm quiet. Being in my body, present, confident, playful, joyful was the highlight of my experience. I feel calm, confident, happy, invigorated. Grateful to Jummee for her vital energy, positivity and joyful leadership. I can see how this work encourages greater confidence."

-T. O.

"The energy really made me feel great. The openness, & camaraderie. The breath work was the most beneficial part of the workshop, as well as opening myself up to a new experience. I feel physically invigorated, mentally relaxed, energetically calm. I would recommend this to others; it was helpful."
-Chris Rose

"Everything awakening balancing releasing love! My body and heart benefited the most from this workshop."

-Angeline Kissa


"It took a long time to let go of the tension I've been pretending not to hold, but when I did it was amazing.

I appreciated the pace the most. At times I wanted to stop and lay down and cry or leave or do only one thing that feels good - Jummee kept us moving on the train of self-expression. It wasn't just one thing, it was all things. For as often as we take the time to love others, we neglect to love yourself twice as much. This JUMMEE Method is a celebration of the love that you already have within & is celebrated in movement, dance, and laughter."

- Christina B.

"When we were spontaneously dancing near the end was the highlight of my experience. The spine twisting and movement exercises were the most beneficial exercises for me."

- J. K.

“I feel radiant – like I just shed a skin that wasn’t mine and now I’m effortlessly my true self; a Divine child in wonder and awe with the world and this life. The intimacy building exercises were incredible! It helped me feel more confident and empowered in my own energy. The blend of such diverse yet cohesive modalities let me go really deep and feel so safe and held during the whole experience. I highly recommend this to everyone! Open your heart and radiate your TRUE capacity for bliss!”

“The movements and exercises were my favorite. I really enjoy dancing and getting weird. The pelvic heart tantric integration helped me move through some blockages and create a healthy relationship with intimacy. I feel activated, clean, happy, and sore! Haha. We need to get more out of our heads and into our bodies – this is one of the best places to do just that.”

“I’m not used to letting go and surrendering to others, the trust exercises helped me gain trust in others. Physically, I feel loose and flowy like seaweed. Mentally, I feel stress free, happy, blissful, and centered. Energetically, I feel vibrant, alive and awake. This is a safe place to let go, experience bliss, be playful, and feel alive. You will leave feeling nothing but positive emotions and be completely carefree and want others to have this same experience. It would definitely make the world a better place if everyone felt this amazing.”

-J. O.

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