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Open Your Bliss

Jummee Supports Female Leaders to Access Their Everyday Bliss, Ageless Attraction, Effortless Flow State by Guiding Experiential Digestible Food Medicine, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness tool.



How to Become
a Hardcore Self Lover


  • 12 Steps: How to Become a Hardcore Self Lover
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    Zoom + In Person
    Imagine what it feels like to overcome your self image, embody confidence, find your authentic voice, and balance your inner and outer success You will experience effortless freedom, happiness, and passion for your dream life into reality instead vicious cycle of feeling stuck, and hopeless.
  • One on One Session with Jummee: How to Be the FLOW STATE
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    Zoom or Topanga Studio
    Book the
    Zoom or Topanga Studio
    Be the Superhuman as you are. Shake and rebuild yourself in a safe environment of sisterhood. Set yourself free of old beliefs and unprocessed relationships. Rebirth yourself into your true essence: divine feminine . Come play! We will gather to do The work as one, in a group environment of unity.


What is JUMMEE Method

The characters of Jummee are core and bliss. This is the heart of what we do and why we play. Focusing on expanding, liberating and activating our best selves through a combination of breath, sound and movement.