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Open Your Bliss

Jummee Supports  Leaders to Access Their Everyday Bliss, Ageless Attraction, Effortless Flow State by Guiding Experiential Digestible Food Medicine, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness tool.



Journey of summon your Inner Hero™


  • Journey of summon your Inner Hero™
    Journey of summon your Inner Hero™
    Time is TBD
    Private Coaching Program
    Time is TBD
    Private Coaching Program
    Time is TBD
    Private Coaching Program
    Do you know where your Inner Hero resides? It's time to summon your Inner Hero and cast them as the lead in your life's epic movie. Don't follow the script; write your own future.
  • One on One Session with Jummee: How to Be the FLOW STATE
    One on One Session with Jummee: How to Be the FLOW STATE
    Book the
    Zoom or Topanga Studio
    Book the
    Zoom or Topanga Studio
    Book the
    Zoom or Topanga Studio
    Be the Superhuman as you are. Shake and rebuild yourself in a safe environment of sisterhood. Set yourself free of old beliefs and unprocessed relationships. Rebirth yourself into your true essence: divine feminine . Come play! We will gather to do The work as one, in a group environment of unity.


What is JUMMEE Method

The characters of Jummee are core and bliss. This is the heart of what we do and why we play. Focusing on expanding, liberating and activating our best selves through a combination of breath, sound and movement.

Vitality Triangle™: PAIN FREE 1Minute/Day

Vitality Triangle™: PAIN FREE 1Minute/Day

Ignite Up Your Passion

Watch how we can play so simple yet create huge smile on face.
We definitely brought our inner child share our silliness.

Jummee Method @CFD (Conscious Family Dinner).
Meet your body and share your Bliss!



the simplest way to increase oxygen levels in the body and clear your mind

the most effective way to create vibrations that allow the body to naturally release tension

the easiest way to drop into your body and move from the headspace to the heartspace


What People say About Us


Bonita Jaros, PhD

Ethnic Folklorist and Linguist, Former Santa Anna College


The Jummee Method is a beautiful juxtaposition of Yoga movement, deep breathing and release of a the natural  sound from deep within one’s body. This is done to eliminate blockage of energy caused by sometimes years of tension and emotional or physical pain. 


Jummee is a talented practitioner, who aptly analyzed the blockage within my individual body and created exercises which immediately began the release process, after years of holding within.


My experience has been that my body almost immediately  opened up, and I could feel the the breath and energy flow throughout in harmony. As a result, my professional and everyday life has been enhanced. And, when needed, I can call upon simple exercises any time during the day to remain present in the moment—And Jummee also says, “Remember to smile!!” It’s amazing!
Try it!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 9.49.59 AM.png

Sowmya Murthy
Chief Customer Officer at Seven Lakes Technologies

Before I met Jummee i was in grieving process of losing my father, ending toxic relationship, and along with lots of changes, during that period, my coping mechanisms I was leaning on wasn’t working anymore, my whole body was in chronic pain despite of applying so many modalities but most of them were not so effective.

After two sessions with Jummee, my chronic pains are gone. I believe that using her unique method on daily bases, it really allows me to slow down, get into my body and pain free. 


From relationship perspective, my reactions with my mother was torn, anger, and grief.
 My ability to get my mother back, there is no price tag on that.  I fully give my heart for Jummee to get the credit for creating a space for my body and spirit. To go from the pace of anger and reaction to place of compassion and patience and temperance



Hana Sung, PhD
Chronicle Psychology

What strikes me the most about her work is that she understands the process of healing trauma from a holistic perspective and the breadth of knowledge she carries from quantum theory, bodywork & breathwork, Traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, sustainable living, shamanism, dance/art/sound therapy and so much more.

We live in interesting times right now in that we can combine the knowledge and wisdom of all cultures and traditions (old & new; East & West) to address the problems of our body, mind, and world, which are intricately connected.
True healing starts with the self. This is how we BECOME the tools for change and break the cycle of transgenerational transmission of trauma.