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Who is Jummee?

Jummee is truly a full spectrum being. Fearless and tender-hearted, her vision has spawned a highly creative and unique method for rejuvenating vitality.


Jummee has ventured successfully into and out of the corporate world. She's developed seamless unity between rich cultural knowledge of eastern wisdom and western philosophies in healing modalities. Seriousness, workaholism, and cultural expectation are just a few areas Jummee's heart-centered vision thrives.


Jummee has continued to evolve by studying with world-class teachers in Gestalt awareness, Esalen Massage, Feldenkrais anatomy training, 5Rhythms Soul Motion, Contact Improv, Meditation, Yoga, Dahn Energy Yoga, and tantric breathwork.

The mission is to create experiences that share her full spectrum wisdom with others while spawning conscious compassionate communities. Currently, she is exploring the 'power of play' that links us to our inner child while nurturing the fullest capacity of our vitality and blissful expression through JUMMEE Method.

The Journey
Here and

Throughout my childhood in Korea, I was immersed in eastern philosophy and culture. My path brought me into a design career as a creative director in New York City where I thrived in Fortune 500 companies. This heart-centered journey toward exploring my true passion to heal and serve others has kept me on a never ending path to never stop searching, creating, seeking.

For years, I took myself and my practice way too seriously. I carried this seriousness, control, and hard discipline onto my yoga mat and ended up pushing my body too hard which resulted in injury. Thankfully, my body gave a loud and clear message. The wake-up call showed me I desperately needed to play.

As a result, the JUMMEE Method was born.


I began to notice how widespread seriousness was globally. The effects of this energy on me personally and the people in my community was taking its toll. I wanted to experience a place to play. I wanted no rules, no judgments, no masks, no personas, no competition, and no seriousness. I wanted the feeling I had on the playground as a kid when nothing else mattered except the game I was playing and the camaraderie on the playground. Acknowledging my purpose, to play. So I did what any grown-up kid would do, I made my dream come true.


The JUMMEE Method® is my natural response to a far too serious world. It has one simple purpose and intention, play. We explore what comes up in the moment by expressing ourselves. We play with toys from ancient Eastern wisdom lineages and from Western scientific knowledge. We play games of breath, sound, movement, stillness and most importantly we have FUN.


Right now I’m finding out how to share this playground with as many people as possible. I want to know how you like to play, games you like and what toys are most fun. Ultimately, I want to share with you The JUMMEE Method®.


At the end of the day, I want you to know that you’re in the driver’s seat of the JUMMEE Method. While it may have my name on it, I created it for you, me, us.

Live in Your Body.

Your Body is Your Soul Container.

Don't Take It too Seriously.
Bring out Your Inner Child and Play.

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