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Our Mission

Why we Play

We play to rediscover who we are and explore who we want to be.

We play to cultivate kindness and sustain our highest potential.

We play to elevate each other and awaken compassionate communities.

We play to create the beautiful, blissful, abundant world we want to thrive in.

Are you Ready to Play?


Created to amplify vitality and help you quickly reconnect your mind and body to the present moment, the JUMMEE Method is a seamless combination of mindfulness movements, dance, breath work and sound to bring out our playful side so we can let go of our ego and embrace life now.



Want to dive deeper into your full potential? Activate your true self with JUMMEE Method founder Jummee Park in a private, one-on-one coaching session. Using tools from the JUMMEE Method, get special focused attention on your unique needs and learn different techniques in an experiential way and leave with a toolbox of skills to become your own healer. Activate your true bliss.


Make the breakthrough you’ve been searching for with Jummee’s deep immersion private healing sessions. Unlock the life you desire by going through a somatic process of experiencing your reality and allow yourself to find the origin of your obstacles through embodiment practices for a full mind-body-spirit integration. Accelerate your healing process by scheduling a FREE consultation call with Jummee.

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