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What if there was a place where you could just play?

A place where you could move your body with no levels, no competition, and no goals. A place to simply explore. A place to move your body, breathe, make noise, be loud, roll around, dance, wiggle, laugh, and express yourself without any fear of judgment. Put simply, what if you had a place to play?

Sound fun?

For years, I took my practice way too seriously. I carried my seriousness, control, and hard discipline onto my yoga mat, and ended up pushing my body too hard and getting injured. Thankfully, my body gave me the loud and clear message to quit taking my practice, and myself, so seriously. The wake-up call I got was that I desperately needed to play. And so, the JUMMEE Method was born.

I saw how widespread seriousness was. I saw the effects of this energy on my body and the bodies in my community. What I wanted to experience was a place to play. I wanted no rules, no judgments, no masks, no personas, no competition, and no seriousness. I wanted that feeling I had on the playground as a kid when nothing else mattered except the game I was playing. That feeling of camaraderie with every kid on the playground. The deep knowing that I was here for one purpose and one purpose only; to play. So I did what any grown-up kid would do; I made my dream come true.

The JUMMEE Method is my natural response to a far too serious world. It has one simple purpose and intention; play. We express ourselves. We explore what comes up in the moment. We play with “toys” from ancient Eastern wisdom lineages and from Western scientific knowledge. We play games of breath, sound, movement, and stillness. And, most importantly, we have FUN.

Right now, I’m finding out how to share this playground with as many people as possible. I want to share with you the best medicine I’ve found for myself. I want to know how you like to play, what games you like, what toys are the most fun. I want to give you the JUMMEE Method.

So, to give you a taste of what I’ve been cooking up, I’ll be going LIVE on Facebook to give you a chance to experience what all this play stuff is about from the comfort of your personal playground. I’d love to have you laugh, sigh, breathe, move, and play with me.

If your heart is racing, if you want to jump out of your chair with excitement, or if you feel how much resistance you have to even the sound of play…then this method is probably for you.

At the end of the day, I want you to know that you’re in the driver’s seat of the JUMMEE Method. While it may have my name on it, I created it for you and me

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