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How to Be Awake


It is so important To Be Awake and educate ourselves to understand what we do with this planet. I happened to know about this part of plastic element called “Microbeads” please read this article and be conscious about NOT BUYing any product contain microbeads… what it does to nature is like murdering act.

Crazy thing is that this element being used everywhere from cosmetic, tooth paste, and so on.. LEGALLY in US…

Please let’s not have any expectation and pouring anger to the government, corporation or big political party. that is not my intention here. Use our power as FREE WILL, and WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE to get the product you want.

I have been noticed in Facebook, social media lately, and I realized there are so much anger, frustration on election, and its political opinions. My observation is that most of people are releasing their personal anger and project them to politics and government acts with deep emotional charges. Do not buy this, this is part of being monitored. We need to SHIFT our perspective.

Those act of emotional charge doesn’t help us to change the world yet, creates more separation hatred, and violence.

Let go of victim, story, blame, and SIMPLY BE POSITIVE AND make CONSCIOUS Choice and it starts from you and spread to your network, wake people, by doing it we change the world together directly.

We receive unlimited compassion and love from nature constantly. Without Air We die, without water, we die. simple.

Everything could be “moo” point, Donald Trump, Hilary, my house, my children, Christian, Muslim, Women, Men equally we won’t not exist. Without existence, there is no opinion, ideas, right and wrong.

NOW IT is TIME to TRULY GIVE BACK to Mother Earth how much We Do Care Go to, more information about PROTECTING ENVIRONMENT, and EDUCATE YOURSELF to MAKE CHANGE.

It all starts from YOU. YOU CHANGE THE WORLD EVERYDAY to make simple action, like use your own water bottle, remove plastic bottle, buy Organic Coconut Oil, use that oil as tooth paste, lotion, make-up removal, body lotion, it all take less tan $10, and purely nature product, Zero Toxic, and TLC to Mother Earth. WIN-WIN. Big Change, starts from Small Act.

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